It’s located south Egypt and it has a different temples and many islands in the river, very small villages with a special tradition and super kind people also has famous temple of Abusimple in order to visit it we will drive for three hours south of Aswan towards the last city in Egypt
1-Abu simble…
Abu simple is a historical site which built near the border with sudan. its located on The wesTern bank oF Lake nässer. The comPleX was relocated in1968 To higher ground To avoid iT being submerged by Lake nasser The Aswan Dam reservoir
As ParT oF inTernational CamPaign. To save The monumenTs .
2-Phili temple is an island based Temple complex in the reservoir of the Aswan low dam, down stream of the Aswan Dam and lake Nasser
3-Uncomplicated obelisk:
is a largesT Known ancienT Obelisk and is located in the northern region of The sTat quarries of Aswan and it’s huge in size to move from this area
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