It’s a ciTy in middle of egypT.
LocaTed 100 Kilo meTers (628 miles) SouthwesT oF Cairo, in The Fayoum oasis you will see:
1-Wadi al HiTan : it’s a paleontological site in
The Faiyum Governorate in this site there are many of whales skeletons and huge amounts of ocean creatures that refer to the climate changes millions years ago.
2-WaTer Fallse in wadi Ryan:
There are many of waterfalls in the middle of desert considered To be The
largesT water Falls
In Egypt .
Safari trips:
This Part of the trip is diffrent and espiselley for the people who like watching stars and Camping Fayoum
is one of the famous spots in Egypt for Camping activities You will be in the middle of desert but you feel at home with our Professional team at least You need two
nights in Fayoum.
Prices of the trip is set according to how many people in the group.
Our service is providing the guide and transportation.
All activities are optional.

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