the city of magic every where in Luxor
has a footPrint of Ancient Egyptian.
Big temples, colorful tombs and unique statues.
First day :
A)East bank :we will visit of Nile river which has Luxor temple and Karnak huge temple.
also there are some activities will not be forgetten which we Can provided
B) West Bank :
it’s where the ancient
Egyptians buried the dead. every night the sun sets on the west bank so this became the necropolis, the area that is filled with the tombs and mortuary temples as;
Hatchipsout temple
Valley of the kings at least you need two nights to enjoy with this part of Egypt.
We are providing you with the best guide to explore the city and also a comfortable ride.
Prices of the trip is set according to how many people in the group.
Our service is providing the guide and transportation.
All activities are optional.

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